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The Lavender Rhino

Exhibited: A Gentle Love Story

Exhibited: A Gentle Love Story

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By Nellie Wilson

Tags: Romance, Gay, Bisexual, Disabled/Neurodivergent


1. to have publically displayed in an art gallery or museum

2. to have manifested or deliberately displayed a quality or behavior

Jeremy Rinci, exhibit designer, was raised in New York City and educated in Philadelphia, before ending up in Colorado in search of...something. After a few years (and one pandemic) working for a University Museum, Jeremy is looking for a spark. He’s got friends, he has a career, he even has a house, but something is still missing. It's the perfect time to reopen his exhibit consulting business, because what is being in your thirties for if not floundering?

Nathaniel Davis (not Nate, just Davis) is a forest ranger, but he prefers to fade into the background, for people to focus on the nature around him instead. Colorado is different from his West Virginia upbringing, but something about the forest in the Rockies makes sense to him in a way not much else has in his life. When tasked with updating the Visitors Center at the National Forest, Davis hires Jeremy to help with the design. Quickly, the two men become unlikely colleagues and even unlikelier friends.

Their time together illuminates plenty of surprising common ground, including a shared attraction. Navigating a new relationship is difficult, but navigating a relationship in two cities is harder. On tender dates at art museums, baseball games, and fire watch towers, Jeremy and Davis share their drastically different pasts and perspectives – and different pasts result in differing expectations of what love looks like to each man. Can Jeremy and Davis learn to bridge the gap together and find a way to put their hearts on display?

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