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Foul Play: A Small Town Sports Romance

Foul Play: A Small Town Sports Romance

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Author: Cassandra Medcalf

Tags: Bisexual, Romance

One thing you have to know about Tuft Swallow: this town goes HARD for cornhole.

Okay, this hottie needs to get his fingers out from under my skirt. The noises coming out of me are entirely inappropriate—and I’m at work!

The second Dr. Brian Gosling fell into my life (or, more accurately, to my rescue) and gave me hope that I could recover from my chronic knee injury, I knew I couldn’t let the Tuft Swallow rumor mill chew him up and spit him out of town. His break-up is already all over the town paper, and he’s still in love with his ex--who, by the way, is the captain of our rival cornhole team, Spitz Hollow.

I can’t let the rest of the town find out. There’s only one solution I can see: I need to trick all the Swallowers into thinking Brian’s dating me, so they don’t go digging into his past. These gossip-hungry old bats love nothing more than a pair of lovebirds to tweet about, and they could use the distraction. Anything to keep them from dragging up the failure of my last championship game.

But my plan might be working a little too well. What was supposed to be an innocent peck on the cheek soon evolves into steamy overnights and topless trysts, and suddenly this fake relationship is feeling more and more real.

Is Brian just that good an actor? Or am I letting myself get carried away only to get injured again?

He can fix a broken knee. But a broken heart...

This fake dating, small town sports romance is part of the Tuft Swallow stand-alone series, and has plenty of spice, scandal, bird puns, and an HEA. Readers of Tessa Bailey, Amy Daws, and Stephanie Archer will love this hilarious sporty, steamy read!

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