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Playing with Myself (Used)

Playing with Myself (Used)

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Author: Randy Rainbow

ISBN: 9781250276254

Condition: Excellent

Tags: Gay, Nonfiction, Used

Instant New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller!

An intimate and light-hearted memoir by viral sensation and three-time Emmy-nominated musical comedian Randy Rainbow that takes readers through his life—the highs, the lows, the lipstick, the pink glasses, and the show tunes.

Randy Rainbow, the man who conquered the Internet with a stylish pair of pink glasses, an inexhaustible knowledge of Broadway musicals, and the most gimlet-eyed view of American politics this side of Mark Twain finally tells all in Playing with Myself, a memoir sure to cause more than a few readers to begin singing one of his greatest hits like “A Spoonful of Clorox” or “Cover Your Freakin’ Face.”

As Randy has said, “There’s so much fake news out there about me. I can’t wait to set the record straight and finally give people a peek behind the green screen.” And set the record straight he does. Playing with Myself is a first-hand account of the journey that led Randy Rainbow from his childhood as the over-imaginative, often misunderstood little boy who carried a purse in the second grade to his first job on Broadway as the host at Hooters and on to the creation of his trademark comedy character. In chapters titled “Pajama Bottoms” (a look back at the days when he wore pajama bottoms on his head to pretend he was Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz), “Yes, It’s My Real Name, Shut Up!” (no explanation necessary...) and “Pink Glasses” (a rose-colored homage to his favorite accessory), Playing with Myself is a memoir that answers the question “Can an introverted musical theatre nerd with a MacBook and a dream save the world, one show tune at a time?”

“I was already a big fan of Randy’s commentary on American celebrity and culture. Always smart, always wickedly funny, with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. I waited, as we all did, for his next target. Then he asked me to sing with him. His target, Donald Trump. Oh joy! I went to his apartment and met a shy, handsome young guy who just happens to have this enormous talent. It was a joyful two hours. I left his home with a huge smile and lots of swag. I wait patiently now, as we all do, for his next video that will make me laugh, make me feel not so alone in my thinking, make me wonder in awe at the audacious force of nature that is Randy Rainbow.”

—Patti LuPone

“Discovering Randy is one of my happiest memories. I don’t toss around the word ‘genius’ often, but there’s no other word to describe him. After being in touch with each other, I’m thrilled to call him my friend. He’s as nice as he is talented. Wow.” —Carol Burnett

“Brilliant . . . as good as anyone writing lyrics today.” —Stephen Sondheim

“I fall in love with Randy Rainbow a little bit more with each new video. Brilliant! And that voice!” —RuPaul

“Randy Rainbow is so damn important.” —Lin Manuel Miranda

"A rollicking debut . . . packed with well-timed zingers . . . Rainbow's gift for striking a well-honed phrase will have readers cackling. Fans are sure to be heartened and tickled by this entertaining account." —Publishers Weekly

"Buoyant and campy throughout, Rainbow’s revelations and lighthearted banter will entertain fans and newbies alike. A chatty autobiography brimming with heart and humor."

Kirkus Reviews

"Filled with the kind of anecdotes that anyone raised on a steady diet of Sex and the City and Broadway musicals will eat up with a spoon, Rainbow's memoir is pure, indulgent fun. Fans of Rainbow (there are millions, and they include big-name celebs, presidential candidates, and Broadway superstars) will want this book immediately, as will anyone who enjoys a good, dishy celebrity memoir." —Booklist (starred)

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