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The Pairing

The Pairing

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Note: This book will be published on 8/6/24. Any orders before that date will be considered preorders and shipped upon their release.

Author: Casey McQuiston

Tags: Bisexual, Romance, Preorder

The wildly anticipated new novel from the author of the bestselling phenomenon Red, White and Royal Blue and One Last Stop

In #1 New York Times bestselling author Casey McQuiston’s latest romantic comedy, two bisexual exes accidentally book the same European food and wine tour and challenge each other to an international hookup competition to prove they’re over each other. And they are over each other, right?

LIMITED FIRST PRINT RUN—featuring sprayed edges with a stenciled script design. Only available for a limited time and while supplies last.

Theo and Kit have been a lot of things: childhood best friends, crushes, in love, and now estranged exes. After a brutal breakup on the transatlantic flight to their dream European food and wine tour, they exited each other's lives once and for all.

Time apart has done them good. Theo has found confidence as a hustling bartender by night and aspiring sommelier by day, with a long roster of casual lovers. Kit, who never returned to America, graduated as the reigning sex god of his pastry school class and now bakes at one of the finest restaurants in Paris. Sure, nothing really compares to what they had, and life stretches out long and lonely ahead of them, but—yeah. It's in the past.

All that remains is the unused voucher for the European tour that never happened, good for 48 months after its original date and about to expire. Four years later, it seems like a great idea to finally take the trip. Solo. Separately.

It's not until they board the tour bus that they discover they've both accidentally had the exact same idea, and now they're trapped with each other for three weeks of stunning views, luscious flavors, and the most romantic cities of France, Spain, and Italy. It's fine. There's nothing left between them. So much nothing that, when Theo suggests a friendly wager to see who can sleep with their hot Italian tour guide first, Kit is totally game. And why stop there? Why not a full-on European hookup competition?

But sometimes a taste of everything only makes you crave what you can't have.

"Move over ‘hot girl summer’—‘hot bisexual summer’ is ready for its moment and The Pairing is here to usher it in." — USA Today

"Sure to set your heart a flutter … Horny hijinks definitely ensue in this delicious summer romance." — Time

"Will definitely become your favorite romance book of the year." — Cosmopolitan

"McQuiston is back with another delicious queer romance." — Elle

"A delight. Cements McQuiston’s place as our premier chronicler of millennial romance." — Booklist (starred review)

"I am begging everyone I know to add this book to the very top of their summer reading list." — Book Riot

"Bursting with desire." — Bustle, ‘This Summer’s 40 Most Anticipated Books’

"Fresh, funny, exhilarating and outrageously sexy." — Laura Kay, bestselling author of The Split

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